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When a retired professor is forced to retire to an estate in the vast country
emptiness, his arrival, along with his beautiful young wife, devastates the routine
and habits of those who are now part of his life. Shattered illusions, deep
secrets, and the desire for love run thru Anton Chekhov’s masterful play, which
has been staged in theatres for over one hundred years. Both joyously comic and
poignantly tragic, this newly adapted interpretation by Rod Mechem, captures all
of Chekhov’s dynamic characters, each struggling to find a life of meaning and
happiness. The observations and themes on time, work, and love that were
presented 120 years ago, are just as recognizable and resonant today.

Starring Beau Paul, Brianna Ripkowski, Julia Salas
Matt Flynn, Jo Rake, Mike Dellins, Laura King
Andrew Fisher and Joe Kelley.

Directed by guest director Rod Mechem.
Anton Chekhov’s most revered work of hope, love, and loss.
January 12 - February 4