The City Theatre Company
2018 Acting Series for
Austin actors and performers
The City Theatre is the city's theater, a world class performing arts venue established for Austin directors, designers
and performers who have one goal: the continued excellence in stage performances and the desire to bring that quality,
commitment, and service to the central Texas theatrical community.
3823 Airport Blvd. Suite D, 78722     512-524-2870
The Art and Craft for Beginning Actors
Saturdays 9:30 - 11:30 Begins in February 2018.
Living Intentionally: Actualizing your True Potential as an Actor
A class for beginning students.

Introduction into the principles of acting, practiced in a fun and non-judgmental
environment. You will learn about how to "be in the moment" by truly listening and
responding on stage. And we will explore voice/movement, some improvisation, script
analysis and scene study.

Acting is a craft. In this class, you will learn the tools of the trade. Hone your craft by
developing awareness and mastery of your instrument. Learn to relax and focus in
stressful situations. Develop your creativity by accessing your imagination and expressing
your emotions. Discover what “finding your motivation” means by exploring and playing an
action. But that's not all!

Integration of the mind, body and spirit are required to fully embody a character and bring
life to the stage or screen. This class will focus on developing your instrument in a variety
of ways. In the upcoming session, you will learn about your vocal instrument, how to
access your emotional triggers and how to create believable behavior onstage.  The acting
exercises will be based on the work developed by the legendary acting coach, Uta Hagen,
as described in her book, "A Challenge for the Actor." The voice and body work is based
on Arthur Lessac's work from his book "The Use & Training of the Human Voice."  

Some tools of the trade explored in class are:

-Developing body consciousness and breath awareness
-Relaxing and overcoming fear
-Developing focus and concentration
-Discovering objectives, obstacles and intentions
-Creating inner imagery and finding emotional triggers
-Creating the character’s physical life
-Exploring the setting
-Experiencing sensory work
-Practicing moment to moment living in performance

Amber DuPuy, a professional actress for over 20 years, teaches this class. Amber has taught
acting to adults for several years at the State Theatre School of Acting. She has studied and
practiced many acting techniques developed by legendary teachers such as Stella Adler,
Sanford Meisner, Uta Hagen and Larry Moss. She teaches an acting technique which is an
amalgamation of these techniques. Her passion for the craft of acting has generated other
interests including psychology, spirituality, movement training, including the Alexander
technique and Pilates, vocal training, and an appreciation for all of the arts .

"An actor has to burn inside with an outer ease." - Michael Chekhov